10 Quick Tips for Your Garage

Posted by Overhead Door San Angelo

Feb 26, 2015 10:43:01 AM


  1. Add magnets: Magnets are a great idea to keep your garage tool area organized. Place magnet strips along the side of your tool cabinet to keep up with look screws.
  2. Repurpose your towel holder: A towel holder is great way to hold up your unused garbage can bags. Simply take the roll out of the box and place it through the paper towel holder. We suggest using a paper towel roll that screws into the wall.
  3. Tin Can: repurpose old tin cans by screwing them into the walls of your garage to hold the little things such as paint brushes.
  4. Bungee Cord: Bunge cord storage is a great way to use wall space rather than floor space. Place all your basketballs and footballs within this bungee storage for easy usage.
  5. Lattice Rack: If you have a lot of poles or rakes sitting around, insert a lattice rack to keep those household items organized.
  6. PVC Pipe: if you are not a fan of the lattice rack you can try bolting 4 inch cut PVC pipe to your walls. Insert household items such as rakes and shovels through the piping and you are officially organized!
  7. Hooks: Use of hooks around the garage are a great way of keeping track with the little things. This incudes to do lists, keys, etc.
  8. Baskets: use baskets placed along the walls to store extra groceries, paint cans, etc.
  9. Ladder hanger: make a ladder system to store your ladder away from heavy foot areas. The ladder can be a huge hazard for little kids playing around in the garage.
  10. Large hooks: This is a great way to keep your cords untangled and out of the way.

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