20 Things Your Burglar Is Thinking

Posted by Overhead Door San Angelo

Nov 4, 2014 12:30:00 PM


Have you thought twice about what your burglar is thinking when you leave town? Or even what you are doing when you leave the house for the day? Take a peak at what a burglar thinks when you aren't around:

  1. You know who I am. I was there last week fixing your sink, delivering your new refridgerator, or painting your home.
  2. Remember letting me in to use your home the other day to get some water while fixing your yard? Well while I was in there I made sure to unlock your back windown for future use.
  3. All those nice toys and cars outside sure mean you must have really nice things on the inside.
  4. Newpaper, it's old school but I really do check to see how many newspapers you have missed.
  5. Even though it doesn't snow here often, with no marks in the drive way it makes it obvious you aren't home.
  6. Make sure your alarm is set away from any view via the window. When I look in, I can tell if you are gone and if you forgot to set the alarm. 
  7. Some of the hardest homes for me to enter are ones with security systems above the kitchen sink and second story windows (where you keep your jewelry is kept).
  8. Bad weather? It doesn't matter to me, I am still going to be working so don't forget to lock your doors and shut your garage no matter wha.
  9. I will always knock on the door first to see if you are there.
  10. My favorite findings are in the sock drawers!
  11. Kids rooms? Not my thing.
  12. Your right, I am not going to take the time to break the safe but if it is unlocked I don't see why not.
  13. What am I wearing? Just your average outfit, I may even be dressed like your lawn service men.
  14. I hate dogs
  15. I will break a window to get in sometimes. If your neighbor hears it, they will probably wait to hear another noise, which there won't be.
  16. Most of the time, the houses I break into don't even have their alarms set.
  17. The garage is my favirite place of entry.
  18. If you leave the window open to let the cool outside air into your home, I'll just come in as well.
  19. So I saw you were on vacation today, looks like a good time to go check out your home.
  20. The windows are the best place to see what you have inside. New flat screen? I'll take it.