4th Of July Garage Safety

Posted by Overhead Door San Angelo

Jun 30, 2015 11:51:25 AM

How will you celebrate this 4th of July holiday? A backyard barbecue? Spending the day on the lake? However you choose to celebrate, we want to make sure you stay as safe as possible. Check out our 4th of July garage safety tips!

4th Of July Safety Tips:

1. BBQs Out-We're all for you having a backyard barbecue, but keep the grill in the backyard. Since we're sure you have flammable liquids in your garage (paint thinners, gasoline, etc.), it is best to keep your grill in a well-ventilated space.

2. Firework Storage-While it is not ideal to store fireworks in your garage, you can get by with it (temporarily) using these hints: Keep the fireworks in their original packaging. Keep the fireworks away from any heat source (heaters, furnace, etc.) Keep the fireworks away from flammable liquids. Keep the fireworks away from children. It is best to store the fireworks in a part of your garage that is empty (or close to empty) and isolated.


3. Keep It Cool-For some people, their garage is the "hot spot," the place where people gather to watch a game, play ping pong, or enjoy a drink. Make sure your garage is not literally the hot spot this 4th of July by remembering these tips: Crack your garage door about a foot to let hot air escape. Set up revolving free standing fans for ventilation and extra air flow. If you have time, you can always paint your garage door a light color (white or beige) to keep it from absorbing the sun's rays. You'll be surprised how much this small change can cool your garage!

4. Have An Extinguisher-You should always keep a fire extinguisher in your garage in case of emergency. You can easily attach it to the wall so it doesn't take up garage space or get buried under other garage "necessities." Make yourself familiar with how to use it by reading the instruction manual and handling it yourself. This way, in the case that you need to use it, you won't be fumbling around in an emergency situation.

We hope our 4th of July garage safety tips will help you stay safe and have fun this 4th of July! Remember Overhead Door for all your garage door needs. We're a trusted company providing expert service and quality products. Give us a call or contact us HERE!

Happy 4th of July from Overhead Door!

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