5 Things About Your Garage Your Neighbor Wants You To Know

Posted by Overhead Door San Angelo

Feb 10, 2015 4:02:06 PM


I can see everything.

Every time you leave your garage open, we can see it. So clean it up! No one wants a dirty house on the block.


I can hear you too.

If you are one that likes to build out of your garage or works out in there, we can hear you given there is little insulation. So make sure to tone it down after dark.


We don’t want to get robbed either.

If you leave your garage open, it is more likely to get broken into. But we don’t want to get broken into either so make sure you always remember to shut your garage.


We’d love to hang out.

Now that the weather is getting nicer, we love to be outdoors with our children and local neighbors. The garage is a great place for us to watch our kids while being out of the street. Let’s have a party!


Your garage can make or break your home.

So may have the nicest house on the block, and your garage is included. We’re a little jealous. Tell us where you got your garage door. We’d love to know!


For more information on how you can get your garage looking great for the neighbors call Overhead Door!