"Fall" Into Garage Organization

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Aug 27, 2014 2:39:00 PM

Bye Bye Summer


The end of summer means time to put away the sprinkler, gardening tools and your camping equipment. Your “fall into garage organization” plan means putting all of your summer gear back where it belongs (if it even had a spot in the first place!)

A messy garage looks terrible and can cost you money. When your garage is unorganized, you will spend your time looking for lost items and might end up buying something you already have. Who knows? Your garage organization can actually save you money!

A cluttered garage can also result in injuries. Garages usually house hazardous items like

  • Chemicals
  • Saws
  • Hedge Trimmers

These items are usually stored right alongside children’s toys and bicycles. Having these items stored in an unorganized way could result in a terrible accident. Your garage organization project can help keep your family (and vehicle!) safe. When your garage is overstuffed, you risk hitting items with your car doors when you try to exit your vehicle. Or tripping over something as you get out!

Fall is a good time to fix the situation. Here are some tips to help you fall into garage organization:

1. Be Prepared

Your garage organization plan is time consuming and physically demanding. Pace yourself, so that you do not run out of steam before the job is complete. If you think it is going to take more than one day to complete, consider renting a storage container. This way, your belongings are not sitting out in your driveway while you complete your organization. If the job is too big for you to finish on your own, consider offering to help a friend help with one of their household projects if they help you with yours.

2. Take it All Out

Take everything out of your garage and sort it into piles of like items.

  • Sports equipment
  • Hardware
  • Tools
  • Yard care
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Seasonal goods
  • Household goods
  • Toys

3. Throw it away

Your next step during your fall into garage organization project is to purge. First, throw away anything that is expired or broken. If you find anything that you borrowed from someone else, now is the time to return it. When you find more than one of the same items, donate or sell the extra items. If you do not need (or love) an item, toss it out. Do not save items you haven’t used for a long time because you might need them someday. If you ever really need those items again, you can buy, borrow, or rent another one!

4. Clean it Up

While your garage is empty is the perfect time to clean it thoroughly. During your garage organization project, get rid of all of the dust and grime, clean off your workbench, and scrub or repaint your garage floor.

5. Organize it Right

Make sure the things you use the most are easily accessible. This will keep you from making a mess looking for things. Avoid putting things on the garage floor by installing shelves during your garage organization. Store items in clear containers so that everything is easy to find, and label everything after sorting it into the containers. Use hooks to keep bikes, shovels, rakes and ladders off the floor.

6. Keep it Clean

One of the most important things you can do is maintain your newly organized garage. Do not wait until it is a total mess again to act. If you see it starting to be cluttered, it is time for a mini clean up! When you use items, put them away immediately. With a little upkeep, you can keep your garage clean and clutter free.

As you’re organizing your garage, you may find it necessary to have a garage sale! If so, take a look at our garage sale pricing guide below! Good luck!

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