Garage Clean Out: 2018

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Dec 27, 2017 6:42:15 AM

1227-OHDSA-garage-clean-out.pngWhen you think of the new year, cleaning out your garage may not be at the top of your resolution list. However, home improvement should definitely make the cut. Cleaning out your garage can save you time, space, and headache. We're sharing eight of our favorite garage clean out tips for 2018 - read on for more!

Start 2018 Off with a Garage Clean Out

  1. Toss out all of the trash. Our garages become a catch-all for just about anything - including empty boxes, almost-empty products, and project garbage. Take the time to clean up debris to save space, and reduce fire hazards.
  2. Consolidate what you can. Do you have multiple containers of the same thing open? If you can combine open packages of the same product, mix then together and save space!
  3. Remove the excess. Have you heard of the Marie Kondo method, which employs a decluttering tactic of "if it doesn't bring you joy, toss it?" Though many common garage items won't necessarily bring "joy," it's important to get rid of things you never use. There's no sense in letting them take up space.
  4. Create piles. Make piles for items you want to keep, trash, or donate. Often, you might stumble upon items you can sell, such as old bicycles or tools. Consider a sales forum, like Craigslist.
  5. Get organized. Garage storage is premium, but...if it's out of sight, it's out of mind. Consider a DIY project or two by creating a storage hub for tools, gardening equipment, and parts. When you're organized, you can find things easier - and they're less likely to get strewn in your garage.
  6. Clean up. Though it's been a bit cool lately, giving your garage floors, walls, and windows a good scrubbing will start your 2018 off squeaky clean. A degreasing agent can break up tough or slippery floor stains to reduce hazards.
  7. Create a seal. Inspect extry doors, windows, and your garage doors for damage. An annual garage cleanout is a perfect opportunity to create a barrier from the elements.
  8. Call the professionals. Before moving stuff back into the garage, schedule a service appointment with Overhead Door. When your garage is free of debris, it's easier for us to assess any issues with your door and the parts. You can schedule yours here.

All of us at Overhead Door wish you a very safe, happy, and blessed 2018!

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