Garage Doors, Reality Vs. Expectation

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May 5, 2017 10:18:36 AM

Expectation.pngToday, we're here to bust a few myths about people's expectations about garage doors. While you may be wondering what kind of "mystery" is involved, read on for more to discover garage doors, reality vs. expectation!

Expectation #1: I Don't Have To Maintain My Garage Doors After They're Installed.

Reality: False, false, false, false, FALSE! While it's true that garage doors require less maintenance than, say, your lawn, there are still steps you should take to keep them running properly. For the DIY'ers, read our blog on maintenance tips. Otherwise, just give us a call. We provide service calls!

Expectation #2: Garage Doors Are Boring.

Reality: Again, this is another falsehood. Garage doors can make a serious statement. They also come in various materials, from aluminum to glass, and in a variety of colors. Interested in seeing what a new garage can do for your home? Check out our design center to get an idea!

Expectation #3: I Have To Buy A Commercial Door From A Specialty Company.

Reality: Nope! Overhead Door provides a large selection of commercial doors for your business. We carry everything from security grills to fire-rated doors. These also come in various colors, materials, and sizes. Interested in finding out more? Set up an estimate today!

Expectation #4: Garage Doors Are Too Expensive.

Reality: While a quality garage door can be viewed as a "large" purchase, you have to consider its "shelf life." In most situations, if properly maintained, overhead doors can last a long time. When you figure out your return on investment, you're looking at a small amount over the years. Our selection provides high quality doors in various price ranges.

Expectation #5: Garage Doors Just Keep People Out Of My Property.

Reality: Garage doors do WAY more than that. If you read our blog on inclement weather, you know that your garage doors provide a level of safety for your home or business. High winds, tree branches, and debris can cause a significant safety hazard. High quality overhead doors can prevent that.

Did we bust some myths today about your garage door feelings? Part of our job is to educate our customers and make sure that they have all of the knowledge they need to make an informed decision. Want to find out more?

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