How To Increase Your Home's ROI: Part Two

Posted by Overhead Door San Angelo

Aug 4, 2015 4:47:59 PM

If you read Part One of our "How To Increase Your Home's ROI" then you're expecting to find out what the "surprising ROI generator" is...

Well, you're in luck! Here it is:

According to the 2014 Cost VS. Value Survey, "The approximate $2,800 cost for an upscale garage door replacement delivered an estimated value at sale of $2,315, equating to an 82.9 percent return on investment.The typical $1,534 cost for a mid-range garage door replacement had an estimated value at sale of $1,283, or 83.7 percent of the original cost. Of all projects that cost less than $5,000, a garage door replacement ranks #2 and #3 on the list of projects that deliver the most value at resale. Ranking #1 is a mid-range (steel) entry door replacement."

We told you it might surprise you!


For many houses, a garage door is the largest exterior feature and one of the first things you see if you're in a street facing home. So not only does a garage door fit under the popular "maintenance improvement" category (see Part One), but it is also considered a "facelift" for your home (and a typically inexpensive one, at that)!

So if you're considering a remodel, but are wondering how to increase your home's ROI, don't forget about your garage door. Replacing it could really pay off (literally)! If you would like to meet with someone to discuss your options, or need help determining which door/style will generate the most ROI, schedule a free design consultation with us! Or, in the meantime, you can virtually transform the look of you home using our visualization tool.

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