How To Make Your Home Festive For Fall

Posted by Overhead Door San Angelo

Sep 29, 2016 6:13:43 PM

Fall is officially here...pretty soon, the air will be cooler and the leaves will begin to change. Is your home ready for the occassion? Check out how to make your home festive for fall!

Sweet Succulents

Fill a round or oval container with potting soil. Plant a mix of succulents toward the center of the bowl, and nestle small oranges and white pumpkins around the edge. Add seasonal vegetables (kale, radishes, and eggplants) and use bundles of fresh herbs (rosemary and sage) to fill in any remaining gaps. Surround with more pumpkins and succulents.  


Dress The Door

First, purchase a grapevine wreath. Pick an odd number of white mini pumpkins. Attach the pumpkins to florist picks, and work the picks into the wreath. Secure pumpkins to the
wreath with wire. Using additional florist picks, attach seasonal greenery and fill in the spaces between pumpkins. Add an assortment of bright fall leaves picks and wire for a colorful finish.  

Transform Your Table

Add some fall festivity to your table! Pick a few branches of colorful fall leaves and arrange in a tall, glass vase. For variety, gather an array of seasonal gourds in a mix of colors, sizes, and textures. Stack flat gourds of graduated sizes, and top with a large glass cloche (available at crafts stores or online). Fill another smaller glass cloche with bleached pinecones, and invert. Place small gourds around the larger items, and scatter bright fall leaves along the table.  

Mantel Decor

Begin by wrapping twine several times around votive holders and colorful fall leaves and secure with a knot. Top the votive holders with varying numbers of small white pumpkins to construct different heights. Gather an assortment of colorful fall leaves, and use wire to fasten them to a length of rope to dazzle your mantel! Attach the garland to your mantel using temporary adhesive hooks.

Happy Decorating!

We hope these tips help you to add some fall festivity to your home! Happy decorating!

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