Sealing and Insulating Your Dust-Infested Garage

Posted by Overhead Door San Angelo

Apr 2, 2019 10:25:00 AM


The joys of having a two-car garage are endless. These spaces can be used to store out-of-season items; park your vehicles, of course, and act as a do-it-yourself workshop when necessary. If you have a two-car parking area, consider yourself extremely lucky.

However, if your parking shelter is not insulated and sealed accurately, you can run into trouble. The following are only a few of the disastrous results of a leaky or improperly insulated garage:

  • carbon monoxide concerns, if the wall between house and garage are not protected

  • cold air leaks that affect the garage and home

  • condensation build-up

  • water leaks

  • increased energy costs

  • the diminished durability of the garage

  • lack of acoustic dampening

  • damage to vehicles and stored items

  • continual dust and dirt invasion

So, you may be asking what can be done to solve these potential problems? Is it possible to insulate your garage yourself? Let's take a look at how you can turn your garage into a safer living environment for your family members.

1. Air seal the wall that connects your garage to your home. If your wall has been drywalled, you will have to remove it to access the framing. Using tubes of silicone caulk and a couple of Great Stuff cans, seal any holes, gaps, or cracks with Great Stuff or another similar product like Loctite Spray. Use the silicon caulk for smaller holes. Be sure to seal any spot where air could leak through.

2. Reinstall the fiberglass insulation that is facing the inside of your home's wall so that it faces outward, toward the garage.

3. If fire hazard is a consideration, consider rock wool insulation for the wall between your home and the garage.

4. Ensure that your garage door is insulated.

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