Dock Shelters At Overhead Door

TC400_main.jpgLooking to protect your commercial loading dock door? Overhead Door has multiple solutions for you, including our dock shelters. Read on for more information about how this piece of equipment can add more protection to your loading dock.

What Is A Dock Shelter?

Adding a dock shelters can be a positive investment for your business. With the constant loading and unloading through your commercial docks, dock shelters can help to protect sensitive loads and help to maintain stable temperatures. Do you encounter trailers of different sizes on a regular basis? That's no problem with a dock shelter. They are fully adjustable! Also, when combined with a dock leveler, even the most difficult loads are no problem to handle. Overhead Door provides dock shelters that made to last and heavy-duty, which makes them an ideal option for your business.

What's The Difference Between Seals And Shelters?

A dock seal creates a secure seal between the dock door and the trailer. When a tight fit is necessary, this accessory is an ideal solution.

However, dock shelters can be a more flexible choice, particularly when you consistently work with various trailer sizes or your loading dock door is large. Either way, these two accessories can help your company! They can help save money on utility costs by managing temperatures and by protecting shipments. Not sure which option works best for your company? Request an estimate today! The experience professionals at Overhead Door Company can evaluate your needs and help you choose the right loading dock equipment for your business.

Types Of Dock Shelters

TC1000_Main.jpgOverhead Door works with McGuire, a premier manufacturer of commercial docks and accessories. There are several options from which to choose when looking at dock shelters.

Rigid Wood Frame

The TC400 series rigid wood frame dock shelter can handle high volume traffic with varying widths and heights. Its rigid rigid frame is made of of double kiln-dried, pressure treated lumber, or steel tube framing, with raked header to promote drainage. This promotes durability and stability.

Flexible Steel Frame

Need flexibility? The TC300 series flexible steel frame dock shelter could be right for you. It services various vehicle types and sizes, while allowing full access to the interior of the trailer. Prevent of costly building and shelter strikes with the flexible X arm framing.. If a trailer makes contact with the frame, the frame moves upwards and back to prevent potential damage to your building and/or shelter. Protection and security in one!


As part of the standard design, the TC900 series shelter is made with a structurally self supported head canopy that is translucent and designed for drainage. Off-center trailers are no match for the the soft sides on the shelter. They're in place to prevent any damage to the shelter or your building. Bottom draft pads are included.

Weather Sentry™

If you're looking for a dock shelter that provides the utmost in water drainage, you should consider the TC1000 series Weather Sentry™ rain diverting system. It provides the best protection from water infiltration at your dock.The specialty retro-fitted head diverts water away from your dock and the shipments.

Dock shelter solutions don't need to be a mystery. Our friendly professionals can help to find the right choice for your business. Contact us today to request a free estimate!

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